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Meet Certua's CTO, Jason Le Page

Jessie Wang

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself, your background, what you do at Certua and outside of Certua.

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by technology and computing. I feel fortunate that I have been able to experience first hand the inexorable rise of information technology and data science to the point where it is now vital to the success of companies across virtually all industries, from financial services to retail and everything in-between.

As the CTO of Certua I am involved in shaping the technical strategy of the business, making the executive decisions required to meet the technical requirements and ensuring our team is well resourced and adhering to regulatory standards and industry best practices.

With my background in software development I enjoy spending time learning about new technologies, design patterns or programming techniques. Away from computing I really enjoy muddy dog walks in the countryside, spending time with my family and tinkering with my motorcycle.

2. What aspects of Certua's team and technology platform are you most proud of?

The Certua platform includes web applications, UX components, APIs, transactional systems, databases, machine learning models and more, all with a high degree of configurability and ability to be adapted to different financial services propositions. I have the privilege of working with a team of incredibly talented, creative and passionate people, across a wide range of disciplines and experience levels. I believe this to be core to the strength of our team and the strong desire to succeed.

I am most proud of the confidence and ambition shown by the Certua team in the design, development and testing of our platform. This gives us the ability to delight our customers when our innovative feature set is used to achieve outstanding results in record time.

3. As CTO what are you doing to ensure that the platform can scale to support even the most ambitious partners?

At Certua we prioritise resilience and scalability when making design or process decisions. We encourage the use of Open Source software, containerisation and managed services to build decoupled platform components, allowing solutions to be tailored to specific use cases and individual services can be monitored, scaled and extended independently.

A great example of this is the use of Apache Kafka, a distributed event streaming platform hosted using horizontally scalable architecture. This helps ensure that the performance of our Insights API can scale to meet the most demanding workloads.

4. What do you think makes Certua unique in the market?

Certua is in the unique position to be able to offer a compelling solution that simplifies accessing, embedding and distributing financial services products, through an embedded finance platform that supports both insurance and credit use cases.

Our outstanding data science team has lead the development of a suite of embeddable tools and services powered by innovative machine learning models for risk assessment and financial profiling. Using this approach we can better understand not only a customer's insurance need but also their credit risk.

During my career I have worked in software engineering and consulting roles across different financial services industries, including lending, asset management and insurance. What I find unique about Certua is the incredibly ambitious scope of what has been realised in our platform, from insurance to Open Banking, with market leading capabilities in many areas.

5. How would you see Certua and your role changing in the future?

Certua has spent a significant amount of time and energy in research and development which has lead to the rich capability and wide feature set of our platform. As more customers take advantage of this I think we will be more focused on streamlining our onboarding processes, improving self-service capabilities and scaling our systems and operational processes to support more customers and new use cases.

6. Please describe Certua in 3 words.

  • Ambitious
  • Confident
  • Innovative
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