Accelerate the world’s progress towards financial resilience

We help our partners grow by embedding innovative insurance products and services to increase their users’ financial resilience.

“Our products are powered by open data, and adapt to manage our customers’ finances in real-time.

They are also embeddable, meaning any partner can offer them to their own customers.”

Tom Williams
Certua CEO and Co-Founder

Our growing family of products


Adaptive Life™ from Certua

Life insurance

Life insurance… but not as you know it. Certua’s Adaptive Life™ policies - powered by dynamic data - provide coverage that automatically updates in both real-time and in line with your fluctuating financial (and personal) circumstances.

Never overpay for your coverage: Adaptive Life™ means you always pay the right amount, based on your current financial situation

The value of your policy (and sum assured) is automatically updated in synch with your changing personal circumstances and financial portfolio

Transact and manage your policy in real-time through our integrated online service

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Designed for SMEs

Business insurance

The SME is the fastest growing category of business globally, yet the most underserved in terms of dedicated insurance products. That changes now. Certua offers a variety of dynamic services that offer SMEs both operational security and peace of mind.

Cyber insurance: protecting your business in the event of a breach, and covering everything from business interruption to criminal reward payout

Medical malpractice insurance: indemnity insurance developed for medical professionals that offers a variety of distribution channels depending on customer or partner

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A comprehensive legacy planning solution

Digital estate planning

Introducing Certua's Digital Vault, a digital platform that uses advanced, dynamic data technologies to help organise your estate in the event of death.

Goal setting ensures that every aspect of your financial situation is left as you would want it for your beneficiaries 

Dynamic data works in real-time to ensure you have the correct level of coverage to cater for your policy goals

Digital vault technology securely houses everything from your will, to the details of your estate and organisation of your assets

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Embedded: Distribution with a difference

of global economic activity will be mediated by digital platforms in 2025.

Whether you’re a digital wealth manager looking to launch an innovative life insurance proposition, or an ecommerce platform looking to offer business insurance to its customers, Certua’s family of embedded services will boost customer retention, provide additional revenues and increase margins. All without adding extra operational costs.

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