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Embedded Insurance

Embedded insurance products to protect the digital economy.

Reinvent insurance as it is sold today by combining your unique and differentiated data asset, a relevant personalised product and your trusted brand to provide a next generation proposition to protect your end users and increase marginal customer revenue.

Fully hosted with regulatory compliance built in

Next generation insurance products

The Certua platform gives partners access to a library of embedded insurance products for both businesses and consumers.

Our product range is always expanding, if you don't see the product that you want to provide your customers here, chances are we can work with you to source it and get you live in weeks... Just get in touch.

Explore our hosted product library
Mental Health
First Aid
Tradespeople and professionals
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Improve your KPIs with embedded insurance.

Potential 2.5x increase in revenue per user by monetizing your data asset for use in underwriting and claiming an introducer fee on product sales, while holding or even lowering CAC.
Unlock new verticals, increase TAM and acquire customers who would otherwise be too expensive by adding integrated products.
Increase customer retention and improve LTV by providing relevant embedded financial services.

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