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Management liability insurance

A degree of risk is an inherent part of the job for any company director, officer or senior manager. Yet, in an increasingly litigious world, Certua’s embeddable management liability insurance will protect your clients from any allegations of wrongdoing, and provide the confidence and protection they need to run their business.

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Create a new revenue stream for your business with Certua’s services; easily embedded and operational in minutes.

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The very low marginal cost of getting started means embedded product revenue streams contribute additional margin to your core product or service.

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Additional relevant products or services will reduce customer churn, while increasing retention and engagement.

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Certua’s unique, innovative management liability insurance is powered by open data provided by your clients. This allows you to offer insurance that adapts in real-time to your clients’ circumstances, and provide the exact degree of cover they need in each and every moment. 

Confidence is at the core of every Certua insurance product. Confidence inspired by the knowledge that you are providing your clients with insurance that protects against any suit brought against them, their business and employees. Companies are operating within an increasingly broad range of rules, complex laws and regulations, which increase the chance of loss and subsequent litigation. Certua’s management liability insurance protects your customers against these. A limit of liability for any single claim basis of up to £10m.

For officers and directors

Includes regulatory (and internal) investigations and damage to reputation

Company protection

Covers the cost of indemnifying individuals, and kidnap response costs

Employment practice liability

Includes immigration assistance, joint venture loss and third-party claims


Covers your customers for fraud and counterfeiting, extortion and contractual penalties


How do I offer Certua’s SME management liability insurance as an embedded product?

There are various ways in which Certua can integrate this policy into your business, including as a white labelled product and via API. Get started below to find out more.

Which industries does this insurance apply to?

This insurance policy is industry-agnostic, and offered to a wide variety of private commercial organisations with an annual turnover of up to £350m. Large businesses with a turnover exceeding £350m annually are also eligible for this insurance, please register your interest below to discuss your options.

Where is this insurance available? 

This insurance is available worldwide for UK domiciled organisations. 

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