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Cyber insurance

Cyber attacks increased globally by 125% in 2021, and this upward trajectory is expected to accelerate into the future. Certua provides the opportunity to distribute its embeddable cyber insurance direct to your clients, protecting them and their customers from this advanced (rapidly evolving) form of risk.

Increase revenues

Create a new revenue stream for your business with Certua’s services; easily embedded and operational in minutes.

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Increase margins

The very low marginal cost of getting started means embedded product revenue streams contribute additional margin to your core product or service.

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Reduce churn

Additional relevant products or services will reduce customer churn, while increasing retention and engagement.

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Differentiate your proposition

Stand out from the competition, deepen your moat and offer your customers complementary propositions your rivals cannot.

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Certua’s cyber insurance is like no other on the market. Designed specifically for you to distribute to your SME clients, the service is powered by open data, automatically adjusting in real time to meet their needs and financial situation.

Companies can no longer ignore the significant threat that cyber crime poses. The rise of ransomware, phishing attacks and even cyber extortion is estimated to have cost UK businesses £736 million in 2021 alone, so dedicated cyber coverage is becoming critically important. Certua’s cyber insurance equips your clients with the latest risk management and pre-breach tools, reducing your business's vulnerability and helping you manage any crisis.  

Breach response

Including legal and PR crisis management services

First party

Covers business interruption, data and extortion loss

Third party

Includes information security and regulatory defence penalties


Fraudulent instruction, funds transfer and criminal reward


How do I offer Certua’s SME cyber insurance as an embedded product?

As with any insurance policy, that will depend on your circumstances and the amount of coverage you require. Get in touch to find out more.

How easy is it to buy and distribute Certua’s cyber insurance policy?

It takes just a few minutes to buy (and set up). This is extremely easy to do via our integrated digital service.

What kind of customers can buy this insurance?

Certua’s cyber insurance is suited to a broad variety of businesses, including those from the following industries: Consumer services, educational products and services, construction contractors and related services, financial services, banking services, asset management, hospitals, health services, entertainment services, hospitality and finally retail (among others).

Where is this insurance available?

Lot’s of places, including the Americas, Australasia, Europe and Canada.

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