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Meet Melissa Lever, Finance Controller at Certua

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself, your background, what you do at Certua and outside of Certua.

Hi, I’m Melissa the Financial Controller at Certua from sunny South Africa. I’m responsible for the day to day running of the financial function and strive to have a secure control environment.  Before joining Certua, I headed up forensics and the internal audit function at one of the largest property service companies in South Africa.  

Outside of Certua, I am a mother of 3 and love to travel and be outdoors.

2. What makes Certua unique? 

The team, leadership, and environment. Together, they make people want to succeed as individuals and grow as the company does. The energy that all three bring will ignite Certua and make it succeed beyond measures.   

3. How did you get into forensics? 

I have always loved problem solving and playing detective. With my internal audit experience, I was able to find the gaps in the control environments and see where people could breach controls. 

Initially I was asked to dig deeper into something and through investigation and solving the case, more tip offs were sent my way. A lot was self-taught and trying to imagine being in the fraudster’s shoes. Each scenario is so different but there is no better feeling getting to crack that case, save the company from further losses and ultimately bringing the person to justice.  


4. What’s your role at Certua? 

Numbers, numbers, numbers! 

Besides for preparing the monthly management accounts and stakeholder reports, I am responsible for the A – Z in accounting.

I may not have the technical experience that our developers and engineers have in building the Certua platform, but I make sure all the bills, stakeholders and salaries are paid on time. 

5. Three Things on my bucket list

1) To see the Northern Lights

2) Gorilla trekking in Rwanda or Uganda, 

3) Viewing the animal migration in the Masai Mara

6. Please describe Certua in 3 words.

Innovative, Future – Thinking, Successful

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