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Meet Certua's Insurance Director, Tor Williams

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself, your background, what you do at Certua and outside of Certua.

Hello, I’m Tor, Director of Insurance at Certua, I’m part of the founding team and have worked across nearly all areas of the business as we’ve grown, which has given me a very detailed understanding of not just the business but also our partners and their pain points. Prior to Certua I worked in communications in financial services with a wide variety of clients, some of which we work with now.  

I’m responsible for operational control and compliance, relationship management and helping to manage our Insurance roadmap with the team. I’ve been lucky to be part of a number pioneering projects at Certua and its been really interesting to see how our insurance proposition has continued to innovate and sophisticate over the years.

Outside of work I’m a very big fan of holidaying in new locations, writing lists and since lockdown a growing fan of yoga!

2. How is Certua helping its partners and where do you think we add value?

The main thing we offer is simplicity.

We work with our partners to understand their problems, (whether that be distribution, access to products, limited tech etc.) and deploy our platform in the best way to solve pretty complex issues. In the end its simple, we help financial products get to the people that actually need them!

As a company we really do live by the partnership model which means we grow as they do, our success is always directly correlated to our partners so working together and being pragmatic is vital. The great thing with our tech is that as we fix one issue for a client we can then work together to sophisticate and fix more!  

3. What types of organisations do you see the biggest benefit in powering?

We work with actors at almost every point in the value chain so it’s quite a hard answer in a few sentences!

In the insurance space we work with reinsurers and insurers who are interested in opening up new distribution routes and then any company looking to deploy insurance products to their clients in a simple and user friendly way. We offer increasing levels of sophistication depending on need, we’ve got solutions if partner is very technologically savvy or wants to use our whole suite for example our insurance journey is available via API, web components or a fully brandable end-to-end quote and buy.

We’ve worked really hard as a company to make our platform seriously flexible so I think the main thing is that the client really knows their problem so we can provide the best bundle to suit their needs.

4. What do you think is the future of insurance and where does Certua come into play in being future-proof?

I think it is about giving end-users the ability to buy flexible insurance that they actually want at a time that suits them.

Open banking has a huge part to play in the future of insurance, people don’t want to have to go through multiple purchase journeys or be signing in to hundreds of different accounts to remember where they got their house insurance when there has been a storm or have to search for documents for their cyber cover in the middle of a hack. We need to help make insurance less of a nightmare and more accessible, simple and tailored.

We are continuously evolving the platform to add features that help in the holistic understanding of peoples needs through to purchase, servicing and renewals. We want to use our platform to get rid of as much of the annoying admin around insurance as we can.

5. Are there any particular insurance companies that you would like to see Certua partnering up with?

Our product builder and configurable platform means that we can build any product into the system very quickly so we are not limited at all with who we can work with. I’m ready to work with them all! I think our self-serve option for distributors, where they can simply plug in and use our quote and buy journey, brand it as themselves and sell insurance products is what any fintech company looking to expand their proposition will find really exciting.

6. Please describe Certua in 3 words

  • Pragmatic
  • Partnership-focused
  • Determined  

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