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Meet Jan Jasecko, Head of Platform at Certua

Jessie Wang

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself, your background, what you do at Certua and outside of Certua?

I am Jan and I am Head of Platform at Certua. At the same time I am managing our European team in Slovakia and making sure that we deliver projects in the best possible way.

I have always been a fan of geography and cartography and when you apply technology on top of that, you would get Geographic Information Systems. As technology is a strong part of this domain, I naturally became part of force applying this technology in software development and especially in area of delivery.

Outside of Certua I enjoy spending time with my family, explore world and doing DYI projects around the house. I like exploring how things work.

2. What does delivery consist of in Certua?

We are working on two main aspects within our business – building and creating technology platform and building products on that platform. We are in constant innovation cycle, so we can increase variety of the products we can build. Delivery is making sure that we can build financial products and at the same time we are able to innovate and improve our platform.

3. What does your role entail?

As Head of Delivery I am responsible for making sure that I gather all the necessary requirements we need for delivering projects, making improvements and translating potential add-ons into meaningful and achievable plans . And I am organizing and monitoring both the UK and SK teams so we can synchronize and achieve our goals. Given the two teams are in different geographic locations, I need to make sure we cooperate well and with efficiency.

 As Certua platform consist of many components and have a high degree of configurability, we need to make sure that improvements and innovations we are applying fit our overall strategy.

Given the fast pace environment and amount of innovation we are trying to fit in, we decide to apply agile methodology in what we do, and I make sure we use best of it.


4. What is it like managing a European Team with a London Head office?

I believe people are the key success to every business, and I am proud to say that Certua has a team of extremely talented and passionate people.

As we work in different cultures, it is nice to see how these cultures come together in order to achieve common goals, how we can learn from each other by discovering new things, approaches and find out small nuances.


5. What excites you the most about Certua?

The environment we are working in is truly unique, allowing people to give their best with passion. This leads to innovation within the financial industry which I am proud of.


6. Please describe Certua in 3words.

Discover, Assess, Apply

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