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Meet Greg Duffield, Chief Experience Officer at Certua

Jessie Wang

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself, your background, what you do at Certua and outside of Certua.

Well I am Greg and I am the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) and I am responsible for ensuring that our customers have the best experience when they are using any of our services, whether that is via a web application, a web component or api. I also manage the UX team, where we use front end technologies including Angular and Lit Element to deliver our Embedded Insurance and Finance solutions, which are comprised of Micro Front Ends, Web Applications and Web Components providing access to our Insurance, Financial and Open Banking data and AI services.

Before Certua I have been CEO and CTO for some smaller businesses as well as working for larger organisations including Aviva, NHS and The Stationary Office. All of which provided invaluable experience, not only for how to build sites, apps and services but more importantly on how to understand and respect your customer’s needs.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing around with technology, cooking up a storm on my barbecue and playing with my Owl (Piccolo).

2. Why Certua?

First and foremost it’s the people, I have been fortunate enough to work in a lot of great businesses and at Certua everyone is great. Everyone is always looking to do more, help more and be more which really is a first. This creates a “can do” attitude which has allowed us to achieve great things really quickly.

As a company Certua is always looking ahead, at how we can move the thinking and technologies forward, challenging what is “normal”. There has always been a huge focus on making sure that we are working with our customers, together we understand the challenges and goals and then using our combined abilities we deliver the best solution that is also ready for the future.

Certua makes working with Insurance and Finance interesting, not many companies can do that.

3. What keeps you motivated?

It has to be the challenge, whether this comes from our customers or from our own desire to always be better and do more. This means that we are always looking at how we can improve, understanding what tools and technologies are available and how we can use what is right to continue to be better.

Working with technology in a company that is passionate about pushing forward and always looking at how to deliver a better, modern solution in an established marketplace means that I am always challenged.

4. What’s your biggest achievement at Certua?

So far there are a couple of projects that I would highlight including, the build and delivery of a life insurance product which included a whole new user experience, in only 6 months. This involved extending our Insurance Micro Front End to support multiple ways to present an insurance journey. As part of this work we have updated our components to be so much more configurable that we are now able to roll out new Insurance solutions in a fraction of the time that our competitors would take.

We have also extended our internal system (Wonderland) which now allows us to spin up a new Insurance web site in minutes, which is fully themed, with compliant content managed landing pages and full self service functionality. All of this can be done with no developers.

5. Please describe Certua in 3words.




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