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Medical malpractice insurance

Healthcare professionals and services around the world have never been under greater pressure to perform in a range of complex, evolving scenarios. Certua offers you the chance to distribute its embeddable medical malpractice insurance to your clients. This allows you to supplement your core value proposition, increase revenues, and reduce the cost of customer acquisition with minimal additional operational costs. 

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Create a new revenue stream for your business with Certua’s services; easily embedded and operational in minutes.

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The very low marginal cost of getting started means embedded product revenue streams contribute additional margin to your core product or service.

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Reduce churn

Additional relevant products or services will reduce customer churn, while increasing retention and engagement.

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Differentiate your proposition

Stand out from the competition, deepen your moat and offer your customers complementary propositions your rivals cannot.

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Certua is redefining the way medical malpractice insurance works, building policies you can offer your clients via your digital platform. These are powered by open data that automatically adapt in real-time to reflect your customer’s professional and financial needs, saving them time and money in the process.

Medical professionals who accidentally hurt or injure a patient put themselves at risk of a claim that might prove costly to themselves, their reputation and their business. Certua’s medical malpractice insurance will automatically cover your clients for a wide variety of claims for which they may be liable, including physical injury and mental anguish, disease and disability. In addition, Certua offers the chance for your customers to purchase supplementary coverage, listed here. 

Professional indemnity

Relating to financial loss suffered by the claimant

Loss of documents

Loss, destruction or damage to documents in the your care

Breach of confidentiality

In the line of business

Libel and slander

Committed by you


How do I offer Certua’s SME medical malpractice insurance as an embedded product?

There are various ways in which Certua can integrate this policy into your business, including as a white labelled product and via API. Get in touch to find out more.

What kind of customers can buy this insurance?

A broad variety of individuals and SMEs can buy this insurance, including nurses, technicians (such as paramedics), aesthetic practitioners - such as cosmetic surgeons and tattooists - and even vets. 

Where is this product available?

The UK, US and Spain.

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