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Financial profiling for SMEs and individuals is essential in providing relevant products that help them to protect and grow. The advent of open data and unique SaaS data assets, has meant a step change in the ability to profile an end user.

Our tools and services help you to harness that data and use it to provide the financial services of the future.

Financial profiling using open data

Leverage open banking and other open data sources to financially profile your end customers for use in a mortgage application, client fact find, investment recommendation to name but a few use cases.

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SME risk assessment and scoring

Use open and private data to financially profile and assess credit risk of SMEs. Leverage our proprietary machine learned risk of default model via API or access KYC/AML, Bank account and Accounting package monitoring using our integrated risk assessment dashboard.

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AI powered purpose and merchant categorisation

Access our AI powered bank transaction categorisation engine via API for purpose and merchant categories to ready your bank data for downstream tasks.

  • Batch mode supported
  • Broad, concise and detailed categories
  • Simple REST API
  • Real time response

With an integrated end user feedback mechanism, our learned model is always improving.

Web components are also available to support the authentication and connection workflow for those requiring bank connection.

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Insurance needs and risk assessment

Powered by Open Banking, use real time financial data to assess the needs of your customers at point of sale to make relevant and timely product recommendations.

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